James Halladay

When the race car is loaded in the trailer but it's 900 miles from Wendover and everything on the internet says that it has just dumped rain on the Salt. No matter how concerned this report makes us we are at least 20 hours away. So much depends on a first hand report and that's where James Halladay fits in the crew of the Target 550 team. The phone rings and our personal Salt scout is calling in his report. His life has family health restrictions that limit the freedom of a retired person. Somehow he is always able to get around these blockages and within several hours his call explaining the exact conditions on the salt allows us to make a decision regarding "do we  hit the road now or stay in the barn for another 24 hours and hope that conditions improve". James came to Target 550 backed by the recommendations of his friend Ray the Rat. James has provided us with information that money alone cannot buy. We can trust his decisions - men like James Halladay are few and far between. Our advance scout title should now make more sense. He is a blessing to the Treit and Davenport team - he demands little and gives back a lot.
Thank You, James, from Treit and Davenport