Larry Bohnen & Marg Dangerfield


New crew members.  When it comes to some things, only proper care and preparation make a machine run well.  That said, Larry Bohnen and Marg Dangerfield have stepped up to the plate to take on one of the toughest jobs in a race camp:  The care and feeding of the crew.  Over the past few years we have had every kind of crew food service, "get some from town" "go to the portable diner on the salt" (if it is still open) to "bring it in the trailer and see how long the cheese will float compared to other items that made it out of their plastic enclosures."

Marg and Larry have been competitors on the salt as well as at other race events.  They have served time in the food service industry and have met and got to know our crew and the diets of members.  They bring with them the dedication to make sure our food service will be healthy and most important, on site.  Their function will be "care and feeding of the crew"

We have had a food service person in the past and the difference in performance and attitude is really amazing.  The crew has less personal friction, better attention to details and their overall attitude is much better when the food service is available and serves their specific needs.

Larry and Marg cannot be thanked enough to taking on this job.  They intend to be on site with the proper equipment beginning with the first day of testing.