Target 550 posts, 2010

January 8, 2010.  21:  Fire Suppression and Front Axle
The sophisticated CAD system, relocating the fire suppression bottles and the newly installed front axle, differential and steering gear.

January 16, 2010.  22:  Front End Detail
A detailed view of the front drive and the Greek Coupler.

January 22, 2010.  23:  Hume CAD v4.0r
A revealing glimpse at the design documents for the Target 550 'liner. They do the job.

January 29, 2010.  24:  Fire Bottle Supports
Machining and the initial fitting of the fire bottle supports.

February 8, 2010.  25:  Fire Bottles and Cockpit Modifications
The routing for the fire bottle lines has required modification to the inner cockpit panels.

February 18, 2010.  26:  Photos from Rat's visit to Hume's shop.
A Rat's eye view of the liner in Hume's shop.

February 25, 2010.  27:  Cables and Switches
The cables for the fire bottles and the release for the rear top body panel are established and the dual mag kill switches are shown. The mag switches are approved by NHRA.

The Canopy opening system pulley and anchor point and the new air shifter unit are shown.

March 12, 2010.  29:  Shifter Control Unit
The shifter control unit was reconfigured to fit between the inner panel and outer skin.

March 21, 2010.  30:  A Look Back
These images will provide some information on parts of the build back to the time the model was carved.

Several areas are shown.  With the alterations made to the front drive and steering, new clevises are needed.  Jason is focused on the cockpit area in preparation for routing the air and fire bottle lines.

Team members meet at the Acme Cafe for lunch;  the canopy latch is modified.  The wheel enclosures for the front end took a long time to build.  With them as a pattern, and the things learned then, the rears should go faster.  Finally, there's a light at the end of the tunnel and it's on the team shirts!

The rear wheel enclosures are assembled, the plenums (plena) between the Whipple Chargers and intake manifolds are constructed and the instrument panel spends some time in the milling machine.

Induction plenum is finished, chute tube support fabricated and a friction shock absorber for the canopy is made.

As the complexity of the tail panels increased, Hume's shaping equipment was not as convenient as the Yoder hammer at SAR. Coulton Hardison's skill operating the hammer made it possible to get the panels done and not interrupt Hume's work schedule. A big "Thank You" to Steve's Auto Restoration.

All of the inside panel surfaces will be painted but the rivet holes are readied so the paint surface is never broken after they are painted. A layer of surfacer is sprayed on the outside of the panel for the rivets to pull into. The rear wheel fairings will soon be started. The aluminum originals will be duplicated in carbon fiber, with spares, in case of damage.

May 8, 2010.  37:  Firewall and tanks
Fitting the forward firewall, rear engine fuel tank and hold-down, front engine water tanks, water tank heating element.

May 8, 2010.  38:  Mother's Day
Have you called her?

The complexity of a firewall is unbelievable and access for fire suppression is addressed.  It's finally time for more of the panels to be taken to the finishers.

The Rat came out of hiding and got photos of welds and some other details.

May 22, 2010.  41:  Video interviews with Jim Hume.
Master designer/builder Jim Hume explains the construction of the streamliner in YouTube videos, shot in June of 2009.

May 28, 2010.  42:  Potpourri.
The panels have come back from the painter and are now ready to be riveted, the cover for the oil drain access hole in the belly pan is being finished, the front cowl piece is complete, the upper cowl cover is shaped and ready to be slotted for the shock absorber and the inlay for the instrument panel release is finished. It's coming together.

The cowl mods for the canopy shock absorber are finished, the burst deflectors are formed and a repositioning of the water tank heater creates more clearance. Orville and Wilbur have returned and are now mated to their pneumatic mag kill switch actuators.

The belly pan plate and cover to access the engine oil pan are being machined. Preparation for riveting the body skin to the rib structure. Bribing the head of security is discovered.

Finishing touches are being done on small parts. The anodized brackets for the panel releases are being reattached. The depression in the forward section of the cowl is done. Final fitting on the torque tube for the front drive has been started.

June 25, 2010.  46:  Rufus, the new Press Vehicle.
A 1929 Model A Pickup (owned by the Rat) becomes the team's Official Press Vehicle and is presented to the Press Representative, Doc Freud in a somewhat surprising manner.

July 2, 2010.  47:  The entire chassis is exposed.
The entire chassis is exposed. This will be a reference post. The basic frame is completely shown from front to rear in these fotos.

A seat insert for the driver, Les Davenport, locating seat belt anchor points, prep for mounting the shifter control module and some torque tube work.

The instrument panel gets the engine turning treatment, starter and water pump, riveting, powder coating, some odds, ends and grapes.

There is work being done on all parts of the car. Jason on the rear skin, Dave on the engine accessories and Jim on the upper panels. We were also hosts to the traveling Goodguys group that attended NW Deuce Days in Victoria, BC, Canada.

July 30, 2010.  51:  Many different areas of progress.
Engine attachment plate, tail panel, instrument panel warning lights, steering wheel and activator switches.

August 6, 2010.  52:  The skin and some small parts.
In the next few posts, expect more of the work on the skin. It's difficult to show the subtle differences that take a lot of time to perfect but I'll stay with it. Many small systems will be addressed at the same time.

August 13, 2010.  53:  The skin and some small parts.
It takes two different design approaches for the pump mount and the steering wheel.  It takes dedication and perseverance to achieve perfection on the tail skin.  It's impossible to stay home during Speed Week.

August 25, 2010.  54:  A Glimpse of Bonneville.
Sunrise, sunset and several minutes between those times.

September 3, 2010.  56:  The Aluminum Jewel Box and Accessories.

September 24, 2010.  59:  The Fraternal Injectors.

September 27, 2010.  60:  Blower belt shield and air control lines.

October 4, 2010.  62:  Skin, Spray and Start.

October 22, 2010.  65:  Air Control Systems and Portrait.

October 27, 2010.  66:  Look what we found!

November 10, 2010.  69:  Several areas related to the front end.

November 12, 2010.  70:  Granite Falls High School LSR BBQ.

November 19, 2010.  71:  Front Hub Assembly.

November 26, 2010.  72:  Front Wheel Fairings.

November 30, 2010.  73:  Streamliner Model.

December 3, 2010.  74:  It's all plumbing.

December 30, 2010.  84:  New plumbing and more grapes.

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