Target 550 posts, 2006-2009

July 13 2006.  6:  Finished Car Carrier.
Pictures of the car carrier showing the finished product.  This moves the car around and also functions as the workstation to work on the car.

July 13 2006.  7:  Canopy mock-up and shaping.
Jim Hume as he creates the wooden patterns that will shape the canopy and fits the speed brake to the liner's main structure.

August 04 2007.  8:  Speed (Air) Brake.
Pictures of the speed (air) brake in its extended and retracted positions.

September 16 2007.  9:  Wheel enclosures.
Pictures of the parts that will surround the wheels to prevent aerodynamic disturbance as as well as minimizing salt accretions.

February 27 2009.  10:  Hume at work around the liner.
Hume as he works with the side panels and other components around the Whipple superchargers.

July 22, 2009.  10a:  Jim Hume is interviewed and discusses many portions of the liner's design and construction.  The videos of the interview are on YouTube and open in a new window.

Jim Hume Interview, Part 1.
Jim Hume Interview, Part 2.
Jim Hume Interview, Part 3.

The vertical shaft that retains the sliding tail section and the panel immediately in front of the canopy, the left and right side of the car and the canopy in its final stages of finishing.

November 6, 2009.  12:  More Skin Fitting.
The canopy in place for the final fitting before the windshield is molded and the attachment of the vertical shaft to lock the sliding tail assembly in place.

The tail section retainer detail and the High School Students from Granite Falls, Washington High School Manufacturing Class visit Jim Hume's shop.

November 22, 2009.  14:  Tail Skin Carrier.
The tail section subframe is assembled and installed.

December 4, 2009.  15:  Tail Section and Alignment Pins.
The components of the tail section alignment, locking and releasing are fabricated.

December 13, 2009.  16:  Tail Section retainer and guide.
The tail section retainer latch and guide roller/channel come together.

December 20, 2009.  17: Tail Structure Safety Anchor.
An additional safety lock on the tail section was decided on. This post shows the individual components and the finished product.

December 25, 2009.  18:  A Christmas Gift.
A Christmas Gift.  In addition, the post regarding the carrier has been updated and descriptions have been added to each picture.

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