Allen Osborne

Allen Osborne has been a competitor at Bonneville for many years.  He is a 200 mph club member and one of the real innovators in turbocharged, electronic fuel injected, intercooled, modern overhead cam engines.  He personally created many features that are on our current daily drivers.  He has been a service instructor for several major automobile manufacturers as well as the aftermarket industry.  But best of all he was the on-site creator and assembly person for the carrier that is the HOME for the Streamliner.  He labored for over a year to create the carrier and was on-site for the first move of the car back to Jim Hume's shop while the car was housed by his creation.  The carrier is a modern miracle of innovation that only someone like OZ, a dedicated racer and crew member, could create.  He has been a dedicated Bonneville enthusiast/participant for over 30 years and also assisted in the FIRST salt flats events in Australia.  (He went to help them on his own nickel.)  He is infected and dedicated.